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We are company "Jobs Legal", and we are responsible for recruiting staff from countries outside the European Union (Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, Moldova, Kazakhstan and others) for seasonal work up to 3 months and up to 9 months, or the permanent work of an open contract.

We also offer a permanent job in the Republic of Bulgaria in various fields of employment and in accordance with the laws of Bulgaria.

We are preparing the necessary documents for candidates in the Employment Agency. We are preparing the documents of applicants for a visa with the right to work in the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria (seasonal and year-round working visa).

Our services are suitable for:

- Ask every the employer for individual work orffers.

- Organizing and conducting online interviews with the candidate and the employer.

- Preparation of documents for the legalization of the employee in accordance with the laws of Bulgaria and the scope of activities.

- Clarification and provision of the necessary information for obtaining a national Bulgarian visa and organizing a trip for an official in the Republic of Bulgaria.

- We have a permit issued by the Ministry of Labor of the Republic of Bulgaria.Check here


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Proper recruitment is an integral part of any organization, so more and more companies trust professionals in this field. In addition to selection, our agency also provides mediation services between employers and job applicants. In the case of mediation, we organize the entire hiring process, starting with the selection of candidates for the documents, and then conduct direct interviews online. Finally, we select and offer our clients (employers) the most suitable and suitable candidates, giving them the opportunity to choose the right employee.

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